meet the team

Hawton Mead is led by Maria Hawton-Mead MSc, a well-known and respected authority in the field of sustainable building design and energy consultancy. She has 16 years’ experience in building and interior design, project management and eco-renovation, on a broad range of projects, large and small. One of her projects featured in the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Green Living’ blog. She has also worked closely with local authorities on the development of sustainability standards and assessment systems. Having practiced what she preaches by carrying out an eco-refurbishment project on her own home, Maria has not only the technical know-how, but also the personal experience to guide other homeowners through the process.

sustainable design - Maria Hawton-Mead

Maria Hawton MealedMaria has an MSc in Sustainable Architecture with distinction from the Centre for Alternative Technology. She is a qualified SAP energy assessor and a certified Passive House consultant/designer and user of the passive house planning package. Her design skills and experience, combined with her technical expertise, give her an exceptional ability to balance function and aesthetics, organising and arranging space for sustainability , comfort and style. She is also:

  • A judge on a number of government-funded competitions, including 'Retrofit for the Future', 'Design for Future Climate' and a competition for projects integrating smart meters with other smart home technologies to reduce energy demand.
  • An adviser to National Energy Services on software development.
  • Author of Radian Homes’ Code Energy Matrix.
  • A contributing author to zerocarbonbritain2030.
  • An accomplished public speaker, lecturing on the master’s degree course in Architecture - Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology, delivering training courses, and regularly speaking at national fairs, conferences and other events.
  • An experienced organiser of workshops and other events.

Maria works with a team of associates who provide a comprehensive range of specialist skills and expertise.

measured surveys - Julie Nicol

Julie is a land and building surveyor, who has been carrying out measured and level surveys for more than 20 years. She has vast experience with buildings of all kinds, including dwelling houses, farm buildings, listed and timber-framed buildings, commercial buildings, windmills and churches – as well as numerous graveyards and lakes!

thermal imaging - Harri Koivisto Bsc Mech Eng

Harri specialises in using infrared thermography to identify areas of heat loss in buildings. He carries out field infrared measurements that can be used to develop strategies for improving the energy performance of a building, and has the expertise to interpret the readings to ensure accurate assessment and eliminate interference from other sources (eg, street lighting or lunar reflection).

airtightness - Paul Jennings

Paul JenningsFor nearly 25 years, Paul Jennings has been testing buildings for air leakage – for both energy efficiency and fire protection – throughout the UK and overseas. Recently, his unrivalled experience has been applied to the problem of achieving very high levels of airtightness in both new and existing buildings, including many Passive House projects. He was the test engineer for the first Passive House-certificated domestic and non-domestic
buildings in the UK.

water - Cath Hassell

Cath is an expert in sustainable water strategies with a background of 17 years in the conventional plumbing industry and 11 years in environmental building. A founder member of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association and former director of the AECB, she has designed and implemented rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and solar technologies for domestic, commercial and industrial sites. She also talks and writes extensively about technological and behavioural solutions to water shortages.