sustainable comfort and style

If you’re building a new home, we can design in energy-saving, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly features right from the start. Or we can help you to refurbish or retrofit an existing home to make it more comfortable and energy-efficient, warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer, with a lower carbon footprint and lower fuel bills.

Our recommendations will be tailored specifically for your home, your lifestyle and your budget, and we’ll explain them clearly and understandably. We’ll go as far as you want us to go, from simple energy-saving changes that you can make yourself, to Passive House standards, where you need hardly any heating at all. And we’ll show you how to get the most out of government grants and other energy-saving incentives.

We can show you how to use your home more efficiently – for example, by rearranging the layout – and show you how energy-saving measures can have other benefits, such as soundproofing insulation or enhanced natural lighting. With our combination of design skills and technical knowledge, we can make your home not just more sustainable but also a nicer, healthier place to live.

We will work with you directly, or we’ll liaise with your architect or designer if you have one: it’s up to you.

what Hawton Mead can do for you

  • Carry out professional home energy assessments
  • Show you how to reduce energy demand and fuel bills
  • Advise you on water conservation and management
  • Give you expert, impartial advice on the use of renewable technologies
  • Advise you on ecology and biodiversity
  • Show you how to save costs and qualify for grants and subsidies
  • Prepare or revise drawings and plans using CAD (computer-aided design)
  • Advise you on building regulations and other statutory requirements
  • Help you deal with architects, designers, builders
  • Prepare and submit planning applications
  • Help you carry through your plans to completion.