Hawton Mead advised extensively on the eco-refurbishment of Sheepfair, a 1950s residential property in Lewes. The house’s energy performance was improved to such an extent that it is now listed as a Superhome.

Amongst the measures installed were the following:

  • Double-glazing (and some triple-glazing) in a mixture of old and new windows, and a double-glazed sunspace. New windows all double glazed low emissivity units in chestnut frames.
  • External wall insulation: cavity fill + 90mm Celotex.
  • Loft insulation: 350 Warmcell on 100 glass fibre, plus external 90mm Celotex insulation on gable wall.
  • Floor insulation: laminated cork flooring, with additional 10mm of cork insulation sheet underneath downstairs.
  • High standard draught sealing.
  • 3 extractor fans, one with heat recovery.
  • Thermal solar panels: 30-tube Thermomax, approx 4m2.
  • 1.7 kWp PV, 9 panels.
  • Low energy bulbs and LED's.
  • 2 sunpipes.
  • Woodstove (solid logs) & back boiler in living room, and 300 litre heat store.
  • A-rated condensing boiler (used only as a back-up).
  • Rainwater collection system with outside tanks.